Why Publish Your Music?

reflectionDo you feel your music should be heard by the world, but the big record companies are not returning your calls? Release your music through CBI Music Mix, the center of digital music, where your music will be available for retail download through our digital distribution partners and reach fans around the world through digital sales, by way of worldwide distribution. Service CBI Music Mix provides the underground music artists with:

All talent deserves recognition. So it is with gifted musicians. Some are talented vocalists and others are gifted song writers or instrumentalists . So, assuming you have such a gift, how could you bring your music to the notice of the public? The process of finding someone or a company that is willing to take a chance with you and publish your music or your album is fraught with difficulty and disappointment. Doing it yourself is often not an option either, as the process of publishing is an art that encompasses many facets of the industry, as well as a thorough knowledge of the process.

To be sure, the process of publishing involves detailed administration like recordkeeping, payment schedules, copyright protection, registration of your work, dealing with lyricists, songwriters, record companies, on-line digital music companies, rights acquisitions and collection and dispensing of royalties. Not a minor aspect of the music publisher's job also, is having a good ear for music and knowing what is good and what is not. Indeed, music publishing is a full time job that would prevent the musician from being creative and working on new projects.

Luckily there are quite a few on-line music publishers who are a lot easier to deal with than the usual publishers. The process of submitting your work online has been greatly simplified and automated, and is very cost effective.

CBI MUSIC is such an on-line music publisher. CBI Music have had many years of experience in all the facets of Music publishing and can be relied upon to safeguard your rights. They have well established contacts with music releasing companies such as Tunecore, Amazon, iTunes, MySpace, Facebook and other releasing companies. In addition, and for your protection, all releases are tracked through UPC codes by Nielsen Soundscan. So, why wait, your future is in YOUR hands!

Call CBI MUSIC, this will be your smallest step into your future of being a well known artist. With our one stop service you will be promoted here on CBI Music where we get over 10,000 visitors a month you will also be listed with over 20 major online retailers like Amazon, Google music etc…The best part is you will reap all the benefits from any online sales or live streaming of your music.


In the meantime, check out our site and listen to the songs we have available for download or just for your enjoyment.